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Welcome to Doncaster Art Fair! We organize three online exhibitions each year, and we're keen to see your masterpieces. Feel free to apply for the exhibition(s) that align with your style.

Our exhibitions are widely promoted to our art collectors and on social media, shedding light on important societal topics.

For each exhibition, you can submit up to three works. If your artworks are seleceted, there's a participation fee of £30.00. It's a small contribution that helps us keep this project which means so much to many people around the world going. 



In it's third year our annual online open exhibition is an opportunity for artists from around the world to let their style, creativity, media, subject matter, and everything else shine. We are looking for your individuality as an artist to shine through. We are looking forward to reading the inspiration behind your piece and discovering what makes your work special. Apply for the open exhibition today. If you are selected for the exhibition there is a participation fee of £30.00 payable irrespective of the number of works selected.

Key Dates: 

Submission deadline: 22nd July 2024

Exhibition Opens Online: 29th July 2024

Public Voting Opens: 29th July 2024


The diversity of our planet unites us, and that is what we celebrate in this exhibition by embracing the peoples, places, things, ideas, cultures, and concepts that make up our planet. Artists from around the world will come together as one, to celebrate that which makes us who we are. That which unites us, that which keeps us together. Join us as we celebrate our strengths in our diversity. Apply for the online exhibition today. If you are selected for the exhibition there is a participation fee of £30.00 payable irrespective of the number of works selected.

Key Dates: 

Submissions Close: 24th September 2024

Exhibition Opens Online: 1st Oct 2024

Public Vote Result Opens 1st Oct 2024

Voting Closes: 15th Oct 2024

Result Announced: 30th Oct 2024

Exhibition Ends 15th Nov 2024

Prizes: 'Best in Show' by public vote £200

Curator’s Prize: £100


Greetings from the heart of the artistic community! We're thrilled to announce the launch of the call for submissions for the upcoming "Art as a Response to Mental Health 2024" online exhibition, now in its 5th edition. We extend an open invitation to aspiring, emerging, and established artists worldwide to contribute their work to this significant project. As the global conversation around mental health continues to evolve, art has emerged as a powerful medium for self-expression. This exhibition celebrates the unique stories and perspectives of individuals who navigate their mental well-being through artistic channels. We invite you to be a part of this collective expression. Supported by the Doncaster Council for the past four years, this online exhibition has garnered thousands of visits from across the globe. At Doncaster Art Fair, we recognise the vital role that art plays in shaping societal dialogue, fostering mental health, and contributing to overall well-being. This opportunity is extended to those who have found solace and strength in art as a response to mental health challenges. If you resonate with this theme and wish to contribute, we invite you to submit your artwork. Share your unique voice, perspectives, and creativity with the world. Submitting your artwork is free. However, for the selected artists whose works become part of this meaningful exhibition, there is a nominal participation fee of £30 irrespective of the number of works selected. We strive to ensure this opportunity remains open and accessible to all. We look forward to receiving your submissions and being a part of the collective journey where art becomes a conduit for mental health expression. Thank you for considering being a part of this meaningful initiative. The Top 3 prizes will be selected by Our Judges as follows: £400 1st Prize £300 2nd Prize £200 3rd Prize Other Prizes £100 – People’s Choice (By Public Vote) £100 - Curator’s Prize

Key Dates:

Submission deadline 20th May 2024

Exhibition opens 3rd June 2024

Public Voting opens - 3rd June

Public Voting Closes 17th June

Results announced 24rd June

Exhibition ends - 17th July. 





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