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Chasing the dream of working in your studio everyday, creating artist wonders can seem daunting in an age where everything is becoming more and more expensive.

Attending art events, purchasing supplies, PR... the list goes on.

Below, we have included various grants available to artists to help you further your careers.


Open applications throughout the year.

Grants may range from £1,000-100,000. 

The artist’s activity must take place mainly in England. There are some exceptions to this, when artists from England are involved in activities in other countries.

The proposal is appraised across four main areas:

Artistic quality – the quality of the activity and the quality of effect the activity will have on the people experiencing it, or its ongoing effect on artistic practice (or all of these)

Public engagement – how the public will engage with the activity, immediately or in the long term

Management – how the activity will be managed and its ongoing effect
Finance – how realistic the activity is financially and its future effect


Trustees meet four times a year to consider applications, as advertised on website.

Grants of up to £2,000 but with the addition of the Shelagh Wakely Bequest some larger grants of up to £5,000 may be awarded.

Awards are available to UK artists for new, innovative visual projects. Small organisations and galleries are also eligible.

Aims to make it possible for artists to undertake and complete projects when confronted by lack of funds.

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