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Paint Me a Masterpiece is a brand-new children’s art project designed to put your child in the shoes of a famous artist for a day as well as join the exciting world of art exhibitions.


How it works.

Book a session for your child (minimum age is 5 years old , sessions last one hour) £10 Non refundable


Come along on the day (The Doncaster Corn Exchange. Doncaster town centre)

The artist (your child) along with other artists (other children) on the program will be introduced to 3 world famous artists and their works briefly.

They will choose which famous artist they want to be for the day.

They will then choose one artwork from their selected famous artist.

They will be given a set of art material and they will produce a painting or illustration inspired by their chosen artist and their art work. They have 1 hour to do this.

Each group of children will be mentored by a professional/emerging artist who will ensure that they produce their work to as high a standard as possible. At least one parent has to be around. 

At the end of the session, the children will sign their artworks and decide the value of their work for sale.

The works of all the children will be exhibited at the Doncaster Art Fair of 29th Sept. 

The cost of participation for each child is £10 per child per session. NON REFUNDABLE

After a very successful first edition, I am pleased to say that the Paint Me a Masterpiece art workshop returns This is a brand-new children’s art project in Doncaster d...
1 hr