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Chido/Passion I

Chido/Passion I



"I was painting this body of work in my home studio which basically has been my quarantine space since this whole nightmare started I had all the victims to this novel virus in my heart and thoughts. (Mudzimundiringe meaning a call out for protection from ancestors….. hence the masked portrait figures in these paintings)The ripple effects of this pandemic has given me and certainly everyone time to think and to see life as a whole different spectrum of events that at tmes bring human kind to its knees and eventually make us pick ourselves up with a common agenda to rebuild and reunite as a people.
I have no doubt in m mind that this plague has actually made a vivid footprint in the history of mankind….and if anything else life has taught us to keep evolving and ever moving forward." 



Oils, Ink & Acrylics on Mixed Media



194cm x 124cm



This piece would sit perfectly in any living room or hall way.


This artwork is not framed.



Peter Musami


Artist Country of Origin:



About the Artist:

Peter Musami is a mixed media visual artist practicing in Harare, Zimbabwe, from late 2000s. With influences derived from nature, contemporary affairs, societal culture and music, he has developed as a painter and sculptor whose work is not necessarily a quest for new art-forms, but rather a pursuit of discovering and demonstrating different dimensions to the already established art genres of mixed-media assemblage and abstract paintings.
With a signature concept of vibrant oil colours and intricate shades of bold lines on canvasses, Musami’s abstract expressionist paintings depict a story of his life experiences and contemporary culture in an attractive and subtlety exotic way.


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