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DIVERSITY - Dynamical Abstract - Illusionistic figures - Face combination

DIVERSITY - Dynamical Abstract - Illusionistic figures - Face combination


This painting is based on a subject which allows me to create a dynamical abstract composition. It shows an image of fast combined faces movement who are dispersed from each other and variable for a diversity of movements and colors .
Abstract faces are my main element to lead me for expression and energy and dynamism for abstraction and subjectivity . The reason why i make dynamical abstract paintings and describe a certain scene or a fact could be real or absurd and brings me to a certain personal expression in colors and movement of lights and shadows .
I try to put a high potential of creativity and imagination by using stylized illusionistic figures from my mind to project the scene and showing on the canvas, how much the subject could be confident with my own style .
The strokes effect is an important factor too. Their role create a dynamical fast movement to create a reaction of the diversity,ambiance where it makes you feel a crowd of too many combined too many several different faces . The effect of luminosity got an important role too. By focusing on it on the figures i make my painting very clear and more valuable, and contribute with strokes effect to describe the sensibility and the identity of the faces, and the contrast light -shadows describes their forms.

My aim in art is to show a high potential of creativity and expression

Artwork signed on the front and the back



Big size Oil on canvas



80cm x 116cmx 2cm


This piece is unframed.



Wadih Maalouf


Artist Country of Origin:




This piece would suit any kind space because of it's full colors effects.


About the artist:

I am a self-taught artist and previously a past art student. I believe in power of color and their attraction. It gave me the passion to express myself and create freely in too many several subjects, which i feel the moment of enjoy and happiness.
As an expressionist, my aim is to show a high potential of expression and creativity .


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