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Foire de Nuit

Foire de Nuit


Art inspired by the French night fairs and all the light that shines on a rainy night.



Mixed media, acrylic on canvas



116cm x 127cm


This piece is framed.



In a living room, dining room, library, or concrete space



Victor Mauricio Rodriguez Romero

About the Artist:

I currently have more than 5 years of experience in art as a dedicated artist, not only in painting but also in sculpture. My works of art, have been center pieces during important charity events such as the “Diplomatic Ladies Annual Charity Bingo”. As of today, I designed nine pieces of furniture under the collection called "Costa Rica" for the luxury furniture firm D’iacanto. I have sold and exported works to 11 countries. Among them: Australia, the United States, Spain, France, Mexico and Puerto Rico. I work with interior designers and have created work to suit the clients’ need. In addition, I have collaborated with fashion designs and shows. I am represented by important galleries in Costa Rica where I have managed to make a name as an artist. My art has been acquired by important collectors in my country and abroad. My clients are businessmen, politicians, celebrities, anonymous collectors and great professionals from medicine, architecture spaces. The United States is one of my main markets and several collectors own my art. I have sold art to clients in: Arizona, Boca Raton, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, Ohio, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando Florida, Massachusetts, Palms Springs, West Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Key West, Lowell, Sacramento and New Orleans. In 2016, my individual exhibition “Miradas de la Vida ” was held at the University of Costa Rica. I have painted live at different private events for the Marriott hotel chain and the Chivas Regal whiskey brand. Currently my art has had appearances in Netflix series where it has been part of the setting.


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