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As I was painting this body of work in my home studio which basically has been my quarantine space since this whole nightmare started I had all the victims to this novel virus in my heart and thoughts. (Mudzimundiringe meaning a call out for protection from ancestors….. hence the masked portrait figures in these paintings)The ripple effects of this pandemic has given me and certainly everyone time to think and to see life as a whole different spectrum of events that at times bring human kind to its knees and eventually make us pick ourselves up with a common agenda to rebuild and reunite as a people.
I have no doubt in m mind that this plague has actually made a vivid footprint in the history of mankind….and if anything else life has taught us to keep evolving and ever moving forward.
In this body of work tearing, cutting, destroying and mending are central and fundamental to my working process and the emotionally charged end process, hence emphasis is on the actual process of the making of the artwork. (Tearing representing all the damage poverty, disease, women abuse, gender inequality, racism, tribalism, political genocides, etc has inflicted on all peoples across all cultures, whilst the mending and stitching and the indiscreet stapling resonates with the forgiveness and healing and restoration process we need to save humanity.)
I tried to overcome sentimentality by actually tearing some surfaces of burlap and canvas apart and re-joining them with a combination of indiscrete stapling, and stitching, hence exploring more on “RESTORATION”.
Whilst my work focuses on healing and restoration it is important to note that the conversations presented in this body of work are very much in line with the global dialogue of uplifting our women and young girls through naturing and creating equal opportunities for them.
This work endeavors to interrogate our traditional customs and their effects to the contemporary society. While the women’s movement and the young women’s movement must continue to lead the movement for gender equality, there is need to also engage boys and men to achieve gender equality.

I admit this body of work has a great deal of symbolism of healing....the paint being the medicinal remedies whilst the canvas and or burlap material being the bandage… this work is expected to be somewhat therapeutic in reaction to the pain, turmoil, grief, shame, hurt and hate that has been caused by tragedies in human history, _ women abuse, war crimes, genocides, child marriage war and poverty etc…
I am using black and white not only because I see them as the colours of abstraction but also because black and white has certain mystic that brings a manifestation of a conversation between hiding and exposing, abstraction and representation… a notion incarnated in response to personal loss and emotional turmoil.
However trying to find a balance between symbolism and sentimentality is what makes this body of work interesting.



Oils, ink & acrylics on mixed media on paper mounted on wooden board.



86.5cm x 61.5cm


This piece is not framed.



This piece would best suit living rooms.



Peter Musami


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