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This original and vibrant piece, harks to the refreshing wave of new energy ENNÈ is harnessing into her new sound. Taking from Street art cultures, ENNÈ has used primary colours to highlight the innocence of play and fun in her creativity, as well as express the contemporary side of her art forms across disciplines. Patchwork theme continues to bring and combine all experiences into the composition through the mark making & detailed sections of the canvas.



Acrylic on stretched canvas



55.88cm x 45.72cm 


This piece is unframed.



This piece would suit any bright space, especially in creative spaces to spark inspirations.





Artist Country of Origin: 


About the Artist:

ENNÈ is a multidisciplinary artist from Bedfordshire. Known for her musical talents, ENNÈ is an international award winning artist. Her fine art Photography is currently being exhibited at Arrival Room Art Gallery, Germany. Her abstracts have been shown on Art Space Project.


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