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pindebo 05

pindebo 05


Ongoimg series of semi-generative digital graphic works based on exploration of a tessellation diagram (aka greed grid), a computer generated partitioning grid created by recursively executing a random split on parent rectangle area with a thingie called a dust-line (random directional dot cluster progression) along a randomly selected split course. Portions of a grid are then hand painted to produce the final image or a starting point of yet another mixed media intervention and/or digital collage resulting in final digital image. This series explores and reflects on the endless greed of human species resulting in perpetual expansion generating virtually infinite fragmentation within a closed system confronted by an oposing force of organic growth. Works are execudet as large format digital UV prints on stretched canvas or any other suitable media.



Digital graphics, original digital UV print from the digitally created image on stretched canvas.



60cm x 60cmx 3cm


This piece is unframed.



Brut Carniollus


Artist Country of Origin:




Home and work.


About the artist:

Brut Carniollus is a visual artist and photographer specialized in photography based digital collage and digital graphics executed as original digital UV prints. His work tends to be reductional, deconstructive and minimalist. His work is exhibited and awarded worldwide. Since 2012 he also serves as official paparazzi of renowned international artist symposium Slovenia Open To Art.  He is a member of The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies and represented by Gallery 5'14, 10dence Gallery and Singulart. Lives and works in Radovljica, Slovenia, EU.


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