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Regenbogen was inspired by the display of rainbows in the windows of houses under lock down during the Covid 19 pandemic. The burst of colour in acrylic splatter paint is a vision of hope and power. The painting also inspired Madeleina's song 'Rainbows in the Stormy Skies' featuring in the music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRN-g-14Nw0&t=1s



Oil on canvas



76cm x 61cm x 2cm


This piece is unframed.



Madeleina Kay


Artist Country of Origin:




This piece would brighten up any wall in need of a splash of colour.


About the artist:

Madeleina Kay is an artist, musician and activist from Sheffield. Described by Handelsblatt as a 'Jeanne d'Arc of Post Modernism' and 'A Cultural Low of 2019' according to Spiked. Her visual art is abstract and colourist in style. Her practice, performace and activism is driven by a belief in democratic empowerment through creativity.


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