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Restricted Nudity

Restricted Nudity


Restricted nudity is a digital collage fine art printed and in a special paper - Hahnemuhle William Turner 310 gr – with 40x40cm of size. The piece it is about resiliency and the strength of the subject with your constrains and limits which tried to maintain in control and still in mobility it is about ourselves in the everyday internal battles with our images, our ideas, between body and soul. 


Fine art print



40cm x 40cm 


This piece is not framed.



This piece would suit in a workplace or library



Gihad Abdalla El Khouri 


Artist Country of Origin:



About the artist:

Gihad Abdalla El Khouri is a young Brazilian architect and visual artist, who makes digital collages, analog collages, assemblies, and installations. Your line of research converges to the plural territory of the image as a human statute. Within this field of possibility, he have been working since 2018 under the name of YourHandEyes, appropriating his trajectory and construction through the performance of the active observer, the imagery builder in the city in order to return to visual poetry / philosophies. Inserted in this general theme, he delves into the relationship between image and subjectivity, the body and space in one between text / image, through poetry and visual philosophies, in the search for a return to the sensitive and plural.


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