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Snow Trees II

Snow Trees II



An example of my snowy landscapes featuring a simple almost geometric composition and strong light/light contrasts. The treeline here uses sharp perspective and dark shapes against an azure sky to suggest the limited detail when looking into the sun and the silhouetting of the trees, matched in shape but not colour by the shadows cast on the snow.



55cm x 56cm x 5cm


This artwork is not framed.



Martin Davis


Artist Country of Origin:



About the artist:

Martin maintained and developed his love of art from an early age. Although he is almost wholly self-trained, his only formal qualification being an Art “O” level from his schooldays, he has sold work to private collectors around the world and secured coveted gallery space both in London and in local galleries in the Derbyshire area.

Like many artists he came to professional art late. After gaining an honours degree in Economics at Birmingham University and then working in finance he joined the Fire & Rescue Service in Derbyshire in 1977. Whilst continuing to paint he committed himself fully to his art in 2008 after retiring from the Service in Sheffield.

Working mainly in oils Martin’s output is diverse & wide-ranging, embracing landscapes & urban scenes to more figurative/abstract work and portraiture. His painterly style is characterized by his trademark vibrancy of colour and an attention to fine detail, often accompanied by a slightly surreal twist.


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