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The kiss

The kiss


Button mosaic inspired my Gustav Klimt . The kiss. It is created in all black, greys, white, bling and red flower buttons. There are few vintage buttons amongst this work. This is one of four old master ones in a series to continue. This is a heavy piece .



Buttons on wood panel.



61cm x 51 cm x 2 cm


This piece is unframed.



Jennifer Blenkinsopp


Artist Country of Origin:

United Kingdom



This mosaic will fit in any room setting . Looks beautiful next to a white or grey walls.


About the artist:

Born in the County of Durham. Now living in Yorkshire. I am a self taught artist of thirty years . My style is eclectic as I love to do a diversity of styles and mediums. I paint mainly in oil but also paint in acrylic pure watercolour ,pastel and pencil . I also create hand cut glass mosaics and old masters with buttons. My style can change with what I feel would suit the subject. From realism to pointillism,and abstract plus cubism .
My achievements so far is winning a mosaic competition plus another for my realism and being published in the book The living planet, also to be chosen to go in a magazine. Through btn.
I have always been interested in drawing and wanted to start painting. After a breakdown I was a recluse for two years. In this time I started to paint which brought me through , and have never stopped and hopefully never will.


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