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Thirty One

Thirty One


My inspiration stems from flowers and their delicate nature. A lot of my work looks at my own mental state of mind, conflicting and confusing throughs and transcribing these into paint through contrasting tones and colour palettes.



Acrylic on canvas



40cm x 40 cm x 6 cm


This piece is unframed.



Jennifer Blenkinsopp


Artist Country of Origin:

United Kingdom



This piece would suit any space saturated with light.


About the artist:

I am a visual artist living and practising in the small, seaside town of Aberystwyth where I completed my MA Fine Art degree.

My artwork looks to capture the translucent properties of acrylic paint and glazing mediums, building up a series of layers that represent the complex layers that we as human beings have both physically and mentally. A lot of my work focuses upon our mental state of mind and ways to portray both memory and emotions into a non-narrative dialogue. Flowers are my main source of inspiration, deconstructing these to their raw elements of colour, form and their fragile nature.


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