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Congratulations! We're incredibly excited to inform you that we are happy to list your work for sale online via our art shop.

We kindly request that you read the below terms and conditions, then complete the below form to upload the work(s) which you wish to sell. Any incomplete information could result in a delay to get your work live so please check all of your responses before submitting. 

To eliminate any confusion, we kindly ask that you upload each piece separately. After clicking 'Submit', you will be given the option to upload more work.



By submitting your work for listing on our e-commerce platform, you agree to the below.

We will charge a commission of 30% per sale via our online shop. This will be deducted from the total amount paid by the purchaser before payment is made to you. 

You should only upload original work which you have the complete rights to. 

You agree that we can share your submitted data with our trusted partners in order to maintain and manage our services as we as promote your work. 

By submitting your work(s), you are granting Doncaster Art Fair non-exclusive rights to promote and sell your work via it's various digital channels and platforms, including our website and social media profiles. 

You acknowledge that any work(s) listed by Doncaster Art Fair are on a royalty-free basis and the only compensation due will be if a sale is completed. 

You agree to accept full responsibility to manage and arrange any shipping associated with the sale of your work(s). We request that you provide a shipping fee below which will be added to the cost of your work(s). This should take into account average worldwide shipping from your destination to anywhere in the world.


Shipping Example:

You are shipping a framed painting, packaged in a wooden crate from the UK.

The total weight is 5 kg.

The dimensions are 90cm x 6cm x 90cm.


Then, use the website below to estimate your shipping cost:

Shipping Cost Examples:

£73.00 when sending to Australia

£92.00 when sending to USA

£69.00 when sending to China

You should then work out the average shipping cost by adding together the cost to send to Australia, USA and China. Then divide the total by 3.

This would give you a shipping cost of £78.00.

If you wish to remove your work(s) from our platform at any time, you must do so by e-mailing

By entering your data and pressing 'Submit', you agree to the Terms and Conditions as set out on this page, as well as the handling of your data in line with our Privacy Policy.

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