Declaration of interest for the proposed Commercial art gallery in Waterdale Doncaster

Artists, Many of you came to the gallery meeting where we discussed the project and how it would run. 

If you understand the concept and definitely want to participate in this project and you have the vision and the motivation to make it happen, then complete this form. If you need to discuss this, please call me. 


We have 31 places for this and we have received a lot of interest.  


A collaborative commercial art gallery run by artists for artists.

£ 30 per month per artist (to cover rent, utilities, other charges)

2 days per month working, selling and promoting the arts in the gallery

Re-hanging of works 4 times per year

Participation in the creation of touring exhibitions 3 times per year

Working together to improve our skills and explore and exchange opportunities.

If you declared interest by email, please still complete this form so that we can have all names in one place.